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Brama One Ventures (BOV)

is a family office investing across a variety of industries from Seed Stage and beyond.

Founded in 2019, Brama One Ventures aim to give value to the start-up ecosystem through their expertise and experience. Brama One Ventures takes an open-arm approach to founders and ventures, as the principal involves directly in the investment process.

Investment Strategy

Founder Focus

BOV focuses on entrepreneurial leaders and teams that has strong leadership skills with a vision to impact the society economically and socially.

Strategic Value and Ecosystem Driven

BOV identifies potential synergies in its investments with BOV’s portfolio companies and networks to create a strategic and collaborative ecosystem

Unique Industry Theme

BOV spots a niche in the start-up market industry that differs from the crowded sector

Portfolio Companies

Industry: Healthtech

Nalagenetics is a biotech company focused in genetical testing to increase the effectiveness of prescribed medicine and reduce adverse drug reactions

Industry: Healthtech

Halodoc is a health-tech platform focused on simplifying patient’s access to healthcare, licensed doctors, labs and pharmacies

Industry: Fintech

Ayoconnect is Indonesia’s Open Bill Network that links utilities, telecommunications, aggregators, publishers, and other bill providers with customer facing platforms and financial institutions.

Industry: Supply Chain Tech

Dropee is a one-stop B2B eProcurement Platform and Enterprise Solution for all types of businesses, specializing in the FMCG and Retail space

Industry: Green Tech

Greenhope is a green technology company aiming to redesign the future of plastic towards a better, greener earth through bio-based technology

Industry: Esports

BOOM Esports is a multidivisional and international esports organization focusing on both PC and Mobile gaming performing on the international stage

Industry: Travel Tech

Gomodo is a digital empowerment service platform for MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) in the service and tourism sector

Industry: Supplements

Gainful is a supplement company that focuses on personalizing protein powder and other supplements for weight loss and fitness goals

Industry:Market Research

Through Populix, researchers can launch studies, commission ad-hoc projects, subscribe to curated and niche panel of respondents, as well as buy off-the-shelf datasets and reports.

Industry: Fintech

Gotrade is a mobile brokerage platform that allows people from over 170 countries to invest in the US stock market

Industry: Electric 2-wheelers

Alva Auto is an electric mobility solutions company aspiring to be the pioneer for building electric two-wheelers and EV Infrastructure in the green mobility ecosystem

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